TEA Line - Trans European Art Line
The "TEA Line" is a shipping company that focuses on artistic and cultural productions or projects conducted on Europe's inland waterways.
It all started with the Danube's actual as well as symbolical utilization by the people and artists of Linz.

The team of the "TEA Line" invites its guests to explore and "shape" the banks of the Danube in Linz, being a place of communication, information, nostalgia and recreation.

There is going to be a casting for potential ship's cooks, a tea salon, live accordeon music, a singing quartet, interesting installations (how to reach Paris from Linz via waterways) and video greetings from other European cities that also lie on waterways.

The "TEA Line" is a long-term and process-orientated project initiated in 2003 by IFEK (institute for extended arts) and KunstRaum Goethestrasse Linz.

IFEK – Institut für erweiterte Kunst

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TEA Line - Trans European Art Line